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We have over 20 years experience in radon remediation, radon testing and electrical work. Our resume:

 Dave has had experience in Radon Remediation in both residential and commercial dwellings since 1990. He worked with his father at Dart Mitigation/ DeMar Associates Testing Services, in Bucks County, from 1990-2001 part- time.  By 2002 Dave and his father developed enough work to start another business in the Montgomery County area.  Dave took over DeMar Associates Testing Services after his father retired.

Prior to starting Accurate Radon Control, Dave worked as a foreman wiring gas stations and other large commercial buildings for 20 yrs. Dave still does some small electrical jobs such a parking lot lighting, wiring sewer systems and some commercial lighting jobs.  

PA DEP Cert. # 2112

Fully insured in Radon remediation, Radon testing and Electrical work with a Masters Electrical License.

Certified to your Radon test with Continuous Monitors.